Our Staff

0161From the people who answer our phones to the people who serve you in your home, our staff here at A.V. Home Care Services represents a true team of caring individuals who are at once consummately skilled in their work and devoted to the families they serve.

We have a range of professionals available to serve you.

Our Home Care Staff includes:

Care Coordinators

The Nurses at A.V. Home Care Services are at your disposal as soon as you make a call to inquire about in-home support services. Their care management includes:

  • Full client and in-home assessments
  • Care plan development
  • Communication with other health care professionals as needed.
  • Client-Caregiver matching to assure that your loved one is content.
  • Ongoing client monitoring.
  • Staff and service evaluation over time
  • Family conferencing as requested
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Bath Care Providers

The Home Health Aides and Personal Care Helpers provide bath care and bathing assistance with a keen sensitivity to the clients’ feelings and attitudes about this very personal kind of help. Ongoing nurse supervision and monthly in-service training on all aspects of competency are provided to assure that our workers remain current on all their skills.

Our Home Health Aides are licensed through the NH State Board of Nursing and are reserved for the most complicated level of personal care needed, including that of our Medicare and Hospice clients. They provide cueing for guided client self-care, offer assistance with any component of personal care requested or needed, or provide a complete bed bath for clients incapable of self-care.

Personal Care Helpers are unlicensed caregivers who are specially trained by the A.V. Home Care Services In-Service Coordinator to offer assistance in what has been deemed “uncomplicated” bath care where only occasional cueing or simple assistance is needed for the client’s safety.

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The Homemakers at A.V. Home Care Services are adept at helping clients and their families manage the many aspects of home life that have becomes challenging for our aging clients who wish to continue living at home. This level of support is critical to our clients’ feelings of well being and contentment, since it means attending, in detail, to the aspects of daily life that mean so much to each of us, including:

  • Meal preparations
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errands
  • Pharmacy pick-up
  • Housecleaning
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Office Support Staff

Our administrative staff is friendly, helpful and totally dedicated to the clients as well as to the staff we serve. They include our Finance Director, Human Resources Coordinator and Payroll Clerk, as well as the Nurse Coordinators, Marketing Coordinator and Agency Director. All of these people assure that the business operations of A.V. Home Care Services flow in tandem with the many responsibilities we have to our clients, their families and our workers. We are, in many ways, an agency of women who feel very committed to assuring that what we know so well, taking care of people, is communicated every day both inside the walls of our home office with one another and outside them, too, with the community at large.

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