Our Services

A.V. Home Care Services (AVHCS) specializes in solutions for families who must make decisions about in-home support services but don’t know where to start.  Past recipients of care and their families speak of the empathetic/professional support that was “lifesaving” to them as they considered the many options, realities, and financial mazes of long-term care decision-making and service. Our goal is to be there for you in a trusted partnership over the long haul so that your life at home is truly yours, first and always.

Give us a call at 603-752-7505, or toll-free in New Hampshire 1-800-559-7505 or email us at info@avhomecare.org. We’d be honored to help your family navigate the sometimes choppy waters of elder care.

Our services include:

Client Assessment

As part of our comprehensive support planning, AVHCS nurses conduct a private, in-home assessment of every client as a first step in establishing priorities for their support service there.  This assessment includes an overview of physical status and health conditions, as well as a home-life overview so that the most effective, client-centered support plan can be crafted based on each client’s unique self and home life.  With your permission, we communicate with your physician to make sure that you have continuity of care across the different health care providers you see.

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Nurse Consultation and Care Management

Our nurses have well-established professional relationships in the local health care system, making them adept at helping families answer pressing questions such as, “What in-home services are available for me or my loved one, and at what cost?” Our nurses guide clients and families to identify what is best for them first. They consider needs and wants, family involvement, finances, personality and habits, and amount/type of in-home coverage desired as they help you explore possibilities and realities. Our nurses determine eligibility for funded programs that can offset costs for families, many times at a significant savings. More, they are consummate advocates for clients and families, through all the stages of long term care as they unfold.

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Services in the Home

Whether it is for bath care with our Licensed Nurse Aides, or housecleaning, cooking, laundry and errands with our trained Homemakers, or simple companion services as respite for families and caregivers needing a break, home care brings the welcome flow of routine back into the lives of people at risk and their families.  Choices for in-home services include:

  • Bath care and personal care assistance:  Skilled LNA or simple bath by an a person special trained in your needs (not LNA level).
  • Housecleaning: Routine, periodic or special occasion, for “healthy” individuals.
  • Homemaker Services:  Household management for vulnerable adults or seniors.
  • Respite for Caregivers: Experienced companions assure time off for caregivers.
  • Daily Companion: Presence in the home, meal prep and clean-up, medication reminders, readying for bedtime, accompanying for walks, socialization, adherence to daily routine.

A.V. Home Care Services manages all administrative work, including, a) thorough background and reference checks on all staff, b) payment of payroll and related taxes, and c) insurance coverage to protect you and your staff persons. All of A.V. Home Care Services staff receive a full orientation, continuing education with skills improvement and ongoing coaching and supervision regarding your specific needs and wants. We expect you to receive the best service possible, to exceed your expectations and to make adjustments if we do not.

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Caregiver Training

Many family caregivers, or “informal” caregivers, are thrust into the role of caregiving with very little information and training, putting them at risk for physical injury, emotional stress and exhaustion. Here at A.V. Home Care Services, we know that caregiving is a labor of love but also one of skill, and we have all the tools necessary to help! Our nurses and advanced LNA’s have years of experience taking care of people in their homes, and we are ready to share what we know. Training can be quick and targeted to specific tasks, taking place directly with your loved one in the situations you need. Or, training can include classroom instruction, 1:1 coaching and/or purchased services for more in-depth information and coverage.

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Home Safety Checks

A.V. Home Care Services believes that security comes from knowing one is safe because risk situations have been identified and managed. This is best achieved when families have peace of mind that their loved one’s home surroundings are set up optimally, taking into account the strengths and limitations of the person living there. Our nurses provide recommendations, some very simple and inexpensive to do, that can ease the way of an at-risk individual going about his/her daily activities and assure their safety. We believe that as guests in every client’s home, our job is to communicate what we see, make suggestions, and work together with the family to determine the best way to make modifications that are acceptable to, and workable for them.

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